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The pure Status Quo in the Frantic Four lineup - Frantic Quo is close to the original - and will never reach it.

Why do musicians form a tribute band? Because you can play gigs with it successfully? Because they like the songs and want to play them? Or because – as in this case – you are fully committed to this band and the rock’n roll it stands for? 

The two guitarists and singers Hagen “Francis” and Marcel “Rick” are with a good 30 years much too young to have consciously experienced the golden times of Status Quo. But they have sucked in the rock’n roll of the band with their mother’s milk and got it drilled into them by their father. Excellent upbringing!!!

And so the two have been dealing with the sound, the songs and the band for years. And when bassist Marius “Alan”, who can also take over the vocal part of the original bassist Alan Lancaster, and drummer Thomas “John”, who already listened to Status Quo on the old transistor radio as a child, join them, then an explosive mixture is created.

“Frantic Quo” bring the rock’n roll of Status Quo to the stage in its purest and most original form.

Live dates

Tag / DayDatum / DateUhrzeit / TimeLandOrt / CityClub / Location
Samstag28.10.202319:00DEGemündMusik-Club Lenz, 53937 Gemünd-Schleiden, Kölner Str. 69 (verlegt vom Lago Beach Zülpich)Quo-Fantreffen zusammen mit Back to Back (NL)Peter Decker